Proof of work meets web3.

On Bitcoin.

POWD3R enables individual sovereignty through bitcoin mining. Forever.


About Us

POWD3R Protocol is where DePIN meets RWAs.

POWD3R Protocol is where DePIN meets RWAs
Bitcoin mining is inherently a Decentralized Physical Infrastructure (DePIN).

Over the last years, Bitcoin mining has become an industrial operation, requiring very specialized know-how, large scale, and abundant capital, creating a barrier to decentralization by blocking individuals from participating in the network.

By tokenizing a real Bitcoin mining operation, we can make it accessible to anyone, anywhere, to own a part of it and receive a constant BTC cash-flow, trustlessly privately and transparently.

POWD3R Protocol is where Proof of Work meets Web3.

We want to enable individual sovereignty through bitcoin mining.
We want to make bitcoin mining accessible to each one and everyone.
We want to give bitcoin mining back to the people.

Our Vision

Why Powd3r Protocol

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Capital Efficiency

Most Web3 tokens sell only 10 or 20% of the total emission to the public, holding the rest for the team, initial investors, VCs, inflation, farming.

POWD3R Protocol is driven by maximizing capital efficiency, and by giving bitcoin mining to the people.
100% of the raised capital from the pre-sale will be used to build a cash-flow generating bitcoin mining operation. It runs 24/7, year-round. There are no business hours, no weekends, no holidays.

80% of the token emission is allocated to the Community, through pre-sale and airdrops, 10% team allocation, locked for 5 years, 6% locked for liquidity, and 4% for growth generating initiatives.

Each POWD3R token always represents a given bitcoin mining hashrate. Subsequent token emissions can only happen when expanding mining operations, so current token holders don’t get diluted.

Bitcoin is meant to be kept on Bitcoin.

POWD3R Protocol runs on Bitcoin, as a Layer 2 built with battle-tested Bitcoin Virtual Machine Optimist Rollups technology, where bitcoin is the native token.

At BVM fast-growing ecosystem, POWD3R tokens and bitcoin can be used to interact with future products, other projects, empower DeFi operations, collateralize, stake or provide liquidity for extra APR, all with blazing fast block times and rock-bottom transaction fees.

Whenever you want to bring your mined bitcoin to Bitcoin Layer 1, it can be bridged directly to your private wallet, hardware wallet, centralized exchange, fiat on/off ramp provider, etc.

Mining Operation

Perennial Operation and Autocompound

Bitcoin mining machines, also known as ASICs, just like personal computers, become obsolete, non-profitable and need to be replaced by newer models with up-to-date architectures. Current ASICs have an estimated lifespan of about 5 to 8 years. So, a typical mining operation depreciates and loses performance through that lifespan.

POWD3R allows token holders to choose to autocompound their dividends. Meaning their mined BTC is used to expand mining capacity, new POWD3R tokens are issued proportionately and distributed to auto-compound investors.

Inherently, mining capacity expansions are always used to buy modern, up-to-date mining ASICs. POWD3R Protocol employs a carefully designed algorithm to add stimulus so that a threshold minimum percentage of investors choose to auto-compound, enough to achieve a perennial mining operation. Meaning mining assets are constantly being renewed, essentially countering depreciation.

POWD3R Protocol is designed to remain profitable and operate permanently.

Investors mine for many years, many bitcoin cycles, many halvings, achieving a permanent cash flow in bitcoin.

Our team

POWD3R is a spin-off of ARTHUR INC‘s Web3 team. ARTHUR INC is an accomplished Bitcoin mining company founded in the USA, with offices and mining operations in multiple countries. ARTHUR INC continues to thrive in Bitcoin mining.

POWD3R is an independent, crypto-native, ownerless, borderless company, 100% dedicated to Web3. Our core team is composed of accomplished career Entrepreneurs, Engineers, Economists, Computer Scientists, with experience living abroad, and working for multinational companies.


POWD3R Protocol mining operations will be located in the USA, where there’s safety, stability, judicial security, and cheap energy can be negotiated directly with energy generators and municipalities, and in Latin America, where mining operations can be assembled in tandem with powerplants for very competitive energy prices.

POWD3R has access to energy prices in the range of 0.03 USD/kWh, which is 5 to 10 times cheaper than what consumers pay in most countries, and in line with the world’s most efficient bitcoin miners. This means better profitability for our mining operations, longer lifespan of mining ASICs and strong health of our perennial operation model.



Community sale


Community Airdrops


Team Allocation*

*Locked for 5 Years.
That’s right, we’re really in this for the long run. This is Bitcoin.




Growth Initiatives



Pre-sale Campaign


Community Sale


Start of mining operation
Liquidity and Swap


Deployment of the remaining mining operation
Arbitrum and Solana bridges and campaign


New structured, more complex mining product launch

New bitcoin mining in Bitcoin Layer 1 product launch

October to December

Money Markets (Lend/Borrow)
Liquid Staking (LSD)

Bitcoin is digital gold – growing harder, smarter, faster, & stronger due to the relentless progression of technology.

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